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T8 LED Tube Retrofit Instructions

Tools needed: 

1.       Wire cutter/stripper

2.       Wire nuts  (small or medium)

1)      Disconnect/unplug all power to the fixture that is being retrofitted.

2)      Remove the fluorescent bulbs and dispose of properly.

3)      Cut all wires as close to the ballast as possible. The ballast can remain in the fixture.

4)      Connect ALL* the wires from one side of the fixture to the AC hot wire. It does not matter which side is which.  Meaning the hot wire can be connected to either the right or left side of the fixture (but not both at the same time.)

5)      Connect ALL*the wires from the other side of the fixture to the neutral wire.  This is the opposite side of the fixture the hot wire was connected to in step 4.

6)      If there’s a switch, put it between the hot feed and the side of the fixture the AC hot wire is connected to.  (This is an optional step typically for shop lights or aquarium lights with integrated on/off switches).

Animated Walkthrough

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*The sockets in T8, T10, & T12 fluorescent fixtures are commonly referred to as “tombstones” and different fixtures may have different quantities of wires coming from the tombstones.   It does not matter the quantity of wires coming from each side.   The important thing is to take 100% of the wires from each side and connect them to the AC leg (hot or neutral).  Do not leave any wires coming from the tombstones unconnected.  

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